Real Bois Talk, Inc. started as a research project with The Health Initiative & Emory University about African American Masculine identified Gay females and health disparities, especially breast cancer & cervical cancer. In 2010, Morehouse School of Medicine awards this research with funding. This funding allowed Real Bois talk to became a program of The Health Initiative. During that time, Real Bois Talk established several programs and began branding the name. As for African American Masculine Identified females this program has given them self understanding, positive role models/image, a vehicle to better health providers that cater to their needs. This has changed the way providers handle us and how we handle ourselves in terms of overall wellness.

In 2015, Real Bois Talk has taken another step in growth by becoming a nonprofit 501c3 organization. We are open to address additional issues that we found during our initial research that are outside of just Health but now Image, Career, Relationships, Spirituality can have a stronger focus.

Mission: To educate and bring awareness of health disparities among African American Masculine Identified Gay Females. To create a space of positive energy, positive images, and positive health among the African American Masculine Identified Gay female.

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