Real Bois Talk, Inc. is a non-profit organization that functions under the 501c3 status. We get private donations to do the events or programs that we host. Real Bois Talk does go after grants for some funding when possible. We also rely on sponsorships from corporation and small businesses, host committee partners and your donations.

7th Annual LGBT Greek Meet & Greet Brunch - September 2, 2017 @ 12pm INVITATION Only
THe brunch has been hosted for 7 years now. Real Bois Talk, inc. have been a supporter and now the official host along with the LGBT Greek Host Committee partners. This event is funded by private donations and the Host COmmittee Partners support. We are always thankful when the community support that Real Bois Talk, inc. by supporting and donating.

Real Bois Talk Programming and Fund Raisers
There is a min amount that one indivdual can donate as well as for companies can donate. (Company Min.$500 ; Individual Min.$200)
These donations go toward the excution of programming from the beginning to the night of the progrm/event. This money also helps Real Bois Talk, inc be able to host some funraisers and host so needed free events.


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