Mission:To educate and bring awareness of health disparities among African American Masculine Identified Gay Females. To create a space of positive energy, positive images, and positive health among the African American Masculine Identified Gay female.



12 Week LGBT Health Challenge Is Back!!

The 12 Week LGBT Greek Health Challenge is designed to help those that want to:
  • Lose Weight
  • Lose Some Fat & Build Muscles
  • Actively Maintaining/Increasing Muscle Size
  • Live Healthier
  • You can get your sorors or frats/bruhs together and form a fitness team. Complete the Sign Up indicate if you wouldlike community service hours for participation.


    11th ANNUAL LGBT GREEK BRUNCH & 2nd Annual LGBT Greek Weekend hosted by Real Bois Talk, Inc. and Host Committee Partners.
    The brunch was created to celebrate the hard work that the LGBT Greek lettered fraternities and sororities do each year in the community. The LGBT Greek Brunch is a priviate event. The LGBT Greek Weekend is opened and highly encouraging ALL and EVERYONE to come. The Event Schedule for The LGBT Greek Weekend is coming soon.

    RealBois Talk, Inc and Atlanta Black Pride are teaming up again to bring you an EPIC weekend of events that are geared to educate, empower and celebrate the Black LGBT Community.

    Our Executive Director, Amber Moore, understands that nonprofit or giving of you time is a thankless job. So she made sure that Real Bois Talk celebrates these activists, pioneers, and trendsetters.

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